Francis Gulotta

Building Teams to Support Growth

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  • Open Source
  • Node SerialPort Maintainer
  • Request NPM Package Maintainer
  • Languages
  • Fluent: JavaScript, Ruby
  • Experience: Python, C++ & others
  • Community
  • NodeBots Co-Founder
  • NodeJS Hardware WG



Senior Engineering Manager of the Growth Engineering Department

July 2019 – Present

Building our Growth Engineering department with a focus on improving the experience and operations of companies on the Justworks platform.

  • Created the Growth Engineering department and the Internal Tools and Prospect Experience teams to join the existing Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) team
  • Previously managed the Core Engineering team; developed projects that significantly improved our security posture and developer experience
  • Implemented Agile processes across my product and engineering teams, which improved delivery.
  • Developed the first integrations between the sales and product platforms, enabling the unification of disparate revenue and operations teams
  • Four months after Joining the HRIS team we successfully launched a long delayed PTO project that has helped us expand offerings in our largest markets
  • Run weekly cross-team engineering educational events
  • Helped develop JustWorks career growth framework which lead to reduced turnover and happier engineers
  • Led teams to deliver timely Covid-19 relief projects as a key part of the company's effort to provide economic support for our customers while maintaining operations.

Bustle Digital Group

VP of Engineering

November 2016 – June 2019

Transformed the engineering team and infrastructure to allow us to grow from 2 brands to over 10 enabling a 5x growth in revenue and 3x growth in headcount.

Developed our platform that serves almost a billion requests a month with an 98p of 40ms response time, primarily using Amazon Lambda and Redis. We're large proponents of JavaScript and Serverless.

  • Managed the engineering team, with a focus on keeping them happy, healthy and productive.
  • Decommissioned years of legacy products by developing the frameworks for mass migration of legacy data and merging of engineering and IT systems. Applied the framework to 5+ M&A, reducing timeline and budget with each project.
  • Led our platform team in the development of a consolidated platform which increased development speed and drastically reduced outages.
  • Set coding and infrastructure processes across the engineering organization to allow for faster, less risky development and deployment.
  • Developed a technical playbook for mergers and acquisitions for IT and Software Development Teams.


Director of Web Connected Devices

November 2015 – October 2016

Started a department specializing in advising IoT and Electronics companies, building tools, and solving problems quickly using open source software.

  • Adopted Tessel, an open source hardware company, and helped them improve their developer workflows and infrastructure. I used the Tessel 2 to produce a showcase product, called the Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit that is now sold around the world.
  • Formed relationships and developed projects with teams at Intel, Microsoft and LogMeIn.
  • Scoped and executed projects improving developer experience for several IoT devices. Lowering out-of-box to deployment time from hours to under ten minutes.
  • Organized our international open source community to have the largest yearly event ever, NodeBots Day 2016, featuring 29 cities in 7 countries.
  • Managed the budget and projections for the department.

Wizard Development

Founder / CEO

October 2013 – September 2015

Hired, trained and managed a team skilled in rails application development, serving customers in publishing and logistics. Featured on the PBS News Hour for our work in education.

  • Bootstrapped the company from a personal consulting and training business.
  • Hired smart junior developers and invested in training to have a well balanced team diverse in age, sex and race.
  • Developed a strong practice of pairing, testing and iterative development.
  • Worked closely with clients to develop a shared understanding of software development workflow and business impact.

Levo League

VP of Engineering

December 2012 – January 2014

Responsible for daily operations of the development team and infrastructure, as well as architecture and scalability of the product. Lead the team through several high-profile product launches

  • Standardized processes for infrastructure changes, development practices, and deployment methodology.
  • Implemented monitoring and trending, for both the infrastructure and product, to aid in capacity and development planning.
  • Implemented collection and reporting of analytics throughout our product, enabling data driven decisions for product direction.
  • Responsible for hiring decisions for the team.

Highbridge Capital Management

Vice President / Manager of the Network Operations Center

June 2010 – December 2012

Responsible for a global Network Operations Center tasked with ensuring continued business operations.

  • Developed alert research and incident analysis tools, alleviating the need to hire additional personnel.
  • Hired as an associate support engineer, promoted to a vice present and manager of the NOC in 2011.
  • Supported infrastructure and development teams in daily operations.
  • Worked as a first responder to incidents across our "full stack", including network infrastructure, server hardware, Linux and Windows operating systems, application support, and business processes.
  • Organized a series of workshops and presentations to train employees on core tools and libraries.
  • Worked with software development teams to identify areas of operational risk and aided in resolving issues.
  • Responsible for hiring decisions for the team.

Francis Gulotta — — (917) 805-3079