Christmas Day Party

My mother and I just came to the conclusion that all our jewish friends come to our christmas day party. =) Food has no religion apparently. -Francis

Papa Johns

Google Search Sarah pointed this out to me (she wanted some pizza) and I think it's wonderful. =) -Francis

Fighting Insomnia

The Onion is hardly ever correct, not on purpose anyway. Fighting Insomnia linked to me by Jason. "Insomnia the chronic inability to fall and remain asleep affects roughly 20 percent of American adults. Here are some tips to get a...

Claus Fest IV

I had the pleasure to attend the fourth Claus Fest last night. Oh boy I had fun. I missed Chevelle and Papa Roach, franzferdiand was good but challenged peoples masculinity and got booed, Jimmy Eat World surprisingly rocked the stage,...

Thank you Mr. Freeman

I had an idea for a book, a wiki sorta. A place where people can share experiences or maybe I can just use it to edit what I write. So I setup a Roborooter Wiki to play with in the...

Jason is the motherfucking man

(Sorry kids get your parents permission before reading my title, or going outside, or enjoying life.. yea!) So jason has created a masterpiece. validates perfectly! Props man, props. -Francis

Did they really?

I would like to thank "Wild Bill" for this statistical information. P E R C E N T A G E S O F I N T E R N E T U S E R S G E N...

In 2.4 Linux Kernel code

In drivers/char/rio/list.h /* ** Will God see it within his heart to forgive us for this thing that ** we have created?

Firefox Devtools

Am I posting these links because I don't have an easy way to copy them to my other computer? or am I posting them because they are really usefull web development tools for firefox? *Shrug* Web Developer ColorZilla -Francis


Hey everybody! My first real advert for my business! Small Town Brooklyn -Francis