You've got a cup and you've got noodles

I went to make myself some Ramen noodles. Not just any ramen noodles but ramen noodles that I broke an egg over while I was cooking them. My mother told me that it was a tasty way she got protein...

Thursday baseball game

This past weekend I finally got out of the house and got to have some fun. I've been working.. a lot. Thursday I went to a baseball game. I went to a baseball game not long after (with a little...


Sarah showed me some post cards. Some are really sad, but others make you smile because they're about guilty pleasures. You can send them post cards too.


Haha, april fools.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, or Happy Sunday if you're not into that kind of thing.


I found 3 socks that aren't mine. Are they yours?

Stop All The Downloads

I did a 180 in the space of one and a half lanes. I love driving in light snow. Not hellish deep snow I vowed never to drive again with (at all ever noun noun verb noun). By the way...

Cheer up emo kid,

I hope everyone has been well lately. I've been around brookly here and there. Working, sleeping, just.. I dunno being. I got a few parking tickets? I'm sorta at a loss for typing today, I've been sleeping in a lot...