I hope you see this.

I was driving down the west side drive the other day and took a horrible picture of *this* car. The people in it were nice enough. We chatted long enough to take the picture and for me to give them...


Just a warning: To my Dad, my family my friends. This semester hasn't been the greatest academically. I will have more credits to show then I did last semester. I mean I dam well better, no excuse this time -...


I should be expecting some strange dreams tonight. I just finished up watching Stigmata. Religion is a topic I haven't touched in a while. -Francis


I'm interested in hearing what people think about this guy's comment. Click here to read it. Personally... I'm not sure what to say at all. -Francis

Good News and Bad News.

Because I believe that you should get bad news first, I'm going to give it to you first. Ticket XXXX G - XXXXXX Defendant Name FRANCIS B GULOTTA Payment Information Transaction Date 12/04/03 Penalty Amount $ 98.00 Convenience Fee $...

Crazy world we live in.

I don't blame video games. I blame chemical imbalances and young minds reading too much into older peoples thoughts. Cartoon blamed for youth's fatal beating on mom The kid got so wrapped up in the ideas brought to life by...

Place holder

I'll have some sort of update tonight. I'm going home from being home... yea =D It was good turkey for anyone who was interested.

Jagged Little Sleeping Pill

Last night I went to sleep after drinking some tea and taking a sleeping pill. I don't remember what exactly was involved but this morning I came to my computer to find this away message on my computer. drugs -...


I happen to like this comic. -Francis

Tea and Cookies

My window is open and the cold air blowing over my cup is making my tea steam. *smile* -Francis