If you have Itools account (till sept something anyway - god dammed .mac) head over to webmail.roborooter.com and try out my Squirlmail install. -Francis

Quick Editing Job

I just did a quick editing job* on the most recent news posts, fixing the format of dates, the spelling, and in select cases, the grammar. If you find any more errors or inconsistencies—or if you have gripes about how...


I'm moving sometime near the end of this month so I'm selling off anything I can. From my real cool looking disk thing, to my radio controlled motorcycle to my beloved Force Feedback Joystick (it's treated me well). This is...


I did some work with my photos and made an Otakon Section The 397 pictures didn't go well all together and most of them were crap anyway. Enjoy the pics. -Francis

Credit Where Credit Is Due.

The pictures scripts on this site are not mine though I've called them mine quite a lot. I use them legally and with premission, but the scripts creator is not me, it's Mike. He's still on the staff page here...

Finally... Fixes

It's been too long. I've finally gone and patched the broken mark-up. I've learned a lot about stylesheets since I first made this old design. This sure brings back memories. =) -mecha, still a student

Back... well no.

I'm not really back yet but I have the pics all in one unsorted folder. It's about 500 or so... I'll have them organized and the crapshots removed later this week. (Also a few more were added to the mess...

Off to Otakon

I'm going to Baltimore to attend Otakon. Should be fun. I'll have plenty of pics, but unfortunately my camera's charger broke. =( Fortunately I know how to fix such things and I built myself a new one. =) (I'm going...

New News.

I updated the pictures script so it now makes uniform sized thumbs. I also got a new camera, so if your a thug in your mid twenties, live in Cali, and would like a camera, you might want to keep...

Guess What!

I just decided that I am going to devote my life to knowledge and people. Thank you. -Francis