Money Money money!, It's a crime!

The title is from the famous song. Me on the other hand, I just payed off all my bills and now have no money. I should be working on that. Especially if I want to move in august. But today...

End of an era

My good friend Andrew works with my other good friend Brian at Lazer Park in time square. You might have remembered the place as having "the largest indoor arena on the east coast". It was a lot of fun, but...

I'm in Seattle

So I forgot to mention that I'm in Seattle, well around it anyway. I left Thursday and I'll be back Tuesday the 30th.


Anyone who knows me knows I've had a lot of problems sleeping lately. And after staying up over 24 hours, I went to sleep around 10:30pm only to wake up around 4 this morning. Not no sleep, but not a...

If you run a store.

If you run a store, I highly suggest emulating this sign. Credits go to my Mom for sending me the pic.

About as easy to find as a size 14 shoe

I spent yesterday walking around manhattan with my friend Brian looking for (among other things) size 14 shoes. Manhattan doesn't carry them. In fact most places don't carry size 14 shoes, they carry up to size 13. I'm a 12...


I waited for the subway for 3 hours today, what gives?

Right out of my life

I love you folks, but I have to say this comic couldn't have come at a better time.

Ehh, sickness

I'm a lot better, I'm not perfect, I'm still pretty sick, but I'm a lot better then I was. Alex didn't make me sick, I wasn't trying to suggest that, the cold, me forgetting to wash my hands a lot...

Ugg Sicknesss..

I was determined not to get sick this winter, I even went and bough some of that hand sanitizer for work. But.. alas, I'm sick. How did I get sick? How did a virus get past my gaurd and be...