Calc in SCIENCE BLDG†128

To add to my frustrations the one calc class that I got my self signed in to with the distain of the department chair is the department chairs own calc class!!!! The good news is it looks like they might...

Snooze is the Devil

I was reading. And its the reason why I got up at 8am this morning when my alarm went off instead of hitting snooze a couple of times. (Going to bed around midnight helped too. In fact its probably the...

How do you do work?

One of my biggest problems is starting work. I just put it off. How do you get work done?" Read through the comments some of them are really interesting in my opinion. What do you think? -Francis

Time to go back to school

Time to go back to school! Who's with me? In other news I commonly confuse the numbers 2 and 3. But in context it doesn't really matter anyway. -Francis