August 24, 2009

It's moving day, you don't have to go home but it certainly is not here.

I'm cross posting this from Facebook.

Alex Laments
Alex forgets about the old apartment once he realizes he has a parkway full of people and pigeons to watch.

It's that time again, We're moving and I'm calling in all favors. Move in the past year? We probably helped you. If not, we certainly would have. Now we're asking for help ourselves.

If you've helped before you might want to know...

The major difference is we're already half moved!

That's right, previous moves have sucked so very fucking much that we split it up into two weekends. A half month of rent was worth saving the headaches associated with being out and cleaned in a single day. This past Saturday we filled up a uhaul van multiple times and drove tens of miles moving beds and dressers and boxes full of clothing. We've moved everything we required for weeks of living in a new place and then some. The only things that are left are the extra spices of life. You know, like kitchen utensils and bookshelves.

And the TV.

We actually need your help this weekend a bunch. We had enough people last week to make it go easy and clean but Brian, Sara, Nick and Cassie all have work this saturday, which leaves just Andrew and myself (and our faithful driver Andrew's Dad whom we owe many many thanks to.) While I have faith in their abilities to bribe coworkers and black mail managers I have doubts about the reality of catching enough of their managers cheating on their wives, husbands boyfriends and girlfriends on camera.

If you come to help us, we can offer FREE DRINKS, Lunch, and Dinner as per the usual arrangement, and even a place to stay (we do have two apartments you know). We'll also make sure to toast to you at our upcoming house party! (Which you'll have a FREE invitation to!) The party is at a tbd date in the future, and I'll admit it, it will be a free party.

Most importantly you'll have our all encompassing gratitude. We can't do the move alone, and you'll agree we shouldn't have stayed where we were. So any time you can spare means a lot to us.

Hope to hear from you soon.

-Francis (and Andrew and Brian) © 2023
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