I write a lot of silly little short stories about the future. You can find the ones that get published here.

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😃 Vats

Love and pain and war, all things I missed. Since the vats became standard in all low income housing I haven’t needed any of them. We’re all fed, we’re all healthy and we’re all kept separated so there’s no war, at least not like there used to be. I haven’t been punched in almost 15 years and frankly I’ve deserved it. I don’t think I’ve left my vat in almost 7 years.

The deal was an easy one. Get everything provided to you and all you have to do …

We live in Memory

(This is part of a talk I gave at ManhattanJS of the same name which you can find at github.)

Oh happy day! I'm getting read! My day had come! So many times the Redis had passed me by. I never knew why I wasn't chosen. It would come to my region, look me up and down, check my ID and without a word, just move on. All I could do was sit in RAM and wonder why it hadn't taken me to see the readers.

This time is different, I could feel Redis pulling m…

The Internet I Wish We Had: Making Toast

"Why is the light in the refrigerator purple? It looks like I'm making a breakfast for zombies!"

I grab the makings for a mushroom cheddar omelet. We're running low on butter.  I say "Ok refrigerator" and then wait.. its display shows it's thinking about what I said and then beeps an error tone at me. It writes out "unrecognized command". This time I hit the listen button and say, "We're running low on butter." It shoots back, "Salted or unsalted…

The Internet I Wish We Had: Texting

I hung up my phone and started typing. "Jason just called me, ideas for dinner before the movie?" and sent it to Sara. My phone know's a lot about Sara and where she might be. It encrypted the message for her eyes only, indicated that the message will probably be delivered in midtown with a 70% confidence rating. After all it was 4pm on a Thursday, where else would she be?

My office runs a messages hub. It takes messages from nearby devices and p…


Rick was driving north on I-95, he had to find an uplink or this whole trip had been for nothing. "Rose, scan the vehicles ahead." His onboard computer sprang into action attempting to connect to internal networks of each and every car on the road around him. "No joy" she responded. All the cars either were too outdated to allow wireless access or detected their connection attempt and shut it down before they could get in. Rick sped past the cars… © 2024
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