September 16, 2009

Lessons learned in babies

Alice was born 21 inches long and weighing in at 6 pounds 11oz

She is beautiful.
I got to hear her first cry.

I just spent a long 26 hours away from home and like everybody else who's heard of pregnancy I've become an expert. Every mother is different, every baby is different. So it goes.. I've learned a few things.

  1. Go to Lamaze classes, you need the practice and you need to train those muscles. Practice at home and then GO TO LAMAZE CLASSES!
  2. Learn and practice pain management techniques because the pain is going to hit you especially if you're not ready.
  3. You're not ready for that amount of pain.
  4. The family freaks out almost more than the mother and father.
  5. Don't take anything anyone says personally. Watching someone suffer for so long makes people act strangely, especially the person suffering.
  6. Hot tubs are amazing. Walk around for as long as you can, but as soon as they let you get in the water. Contractions are easier under warm water. After 11 hours of pain and contractions she got in the tub and there was a baby within an hour
  7. Get the doctor in the room as soon as you can. They wont stick around waiting, but give them time to get ready.
  8. That first cry of the baby will make you cry too.

I learned a few more things. For example, after being part of a birth you don't need more than an hour or two of sleep for over a day. And that Zip Car is invaluable if you need a car at 11pm on a Sunday. But those eight points are my "expert" list.

Welcome to the world Alice, remember what I told you, and make sure your mom plays you those Beatles albums I gave you.

-Francis © 2022.
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