November 25, 2011


Good umbrellas are rare. Today I was coveting the BLUNT MINI. An umbrella that will probably never break and satisfies my inner engineer. It's designed to have a low wind profile, mitigate the risk of poking people in the eye, and distribute stress across it's structure. It doesn't look half bad either.

BLUNT Umbrella

The problem with nice umbrellas are they cost a lot. The BLUNT Mini is $80 and I'll probably leave it somewhere before it breaks. I'd have to go though more then 20 of the $4 umbrellas you can buy on every corner in Manhattan when it rains. I'd rather not have tons of crappy umbrellas traveling around the world only to end up buried in a long island landfill but I wonder if the manufacturing costs (in money and environmental impact) of the Blunt outweigh a couple of them making that trip.

This is neither here nor there, I have a better use for the $80. I also don't mind getting wet. © 2022.
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