December 4, 2013

Talk: Networking in Ruby @GA

Tonight I gave a talk at General Assembly on making a decentralized chat server in Ruby. I wanted to talk on something that wasn't web development as we webdevs tend to get caught up in making everything an http request. GA was a wonderful host (Thank you Mercedes!) and afterwards everyone at the talk was awesome to talk to.

Thanks to one helpful audience member for digging up RFC1. It's a cool read if you're into history of computers and networkings. It's amazing to see how this is a precursor for what TCP is today.

   Information is transmitted from HOST to HOST in bundles called
   messages.  A message is any stream of not more than 8080 bits,
   together with its header.  The header is 16 bits and contains the
   following information:

This talk didn't have many animations so you won't lose much by taking a look at the slides in PDF. (I did have cool rearanging people in the keynote version)

And the code can be found below! If people want to add their gists of the the timestamp and flood control modifications I saw, please do so on the gist's page!

Thanks again for a good night!

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