December 8, 2013

EEE - Presentation at RobotsConf 2013

Yesterday I gave a talk at Robots Conference called "Electrical Engineering Excitement" or EEE!.

You can download my talk in PDF or Keynote (for fancy animations!).

I feel I should also point you towards some better Electrical Engineering resources.

The wonderful Getting Started in Electronics is an old book but amazing. The physics haven't changed in 25 years and this book shows you how it works. Let me quote a review from Amazon.

I cannot overstate the impact this book has had in my life.

My dad bought me a copy of this book when I was in 7th grade.

22 years later, I'm working in the electronics industry, and I keep my original copy handy for reference or explaining electronics concepts, and I regularly buy additional copies to give to coworkers and friends who need a crash course in electronics. There are some other books (_The Art of Electronics_ for instance) that I hold almost as dearly, but while I'm sure people can come up with flaws in this book, it's been on my shelf for more than half my life.

If you want a book, go read that one first. It's short, has pictures and you will learn from it.
Intro Page

Secondly, wikipedia is a wonderful resource. You'll want to read Electrons, Resistors, Capacitors and Circuit Diagrams.

If people have any other good resources they'd like to share let me know and I'll add it to the list!

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