February 13, 2014

Static Vanity Domains

I gave a quick lightening talk last night at Brooklyn Internets. In fact I sponsored the event. It's the first event I've sponsored and I couldn't have picked a cooler group.

There were a ton of great talks that night. And there was mine. I spoke on how to get a site up and running on AWS using Route53 and S3. I also go to show off my new website BlakeIsBeautiful.com.

You can find my slides from the night here.
DNS and You (pdf)

I wish I could have gone into more of the details of how DNS works but this was short and sweet. Also it highlighted some important facts about Blake.

I had a similar presentation about checkyourfuckingemail.com/ that I gave to the "Original Dev Team". It goes into a little bit more depth about how to setup the redirect from the naked domain.
Static Vanity Web Sites - An AWS Workshop (pdf)

As a sponsor I got to announce Wizard Development's Pairing Days. A weekly event I'm starting over the next few weeks. An in person pair programming session where we work on either open source projects or paid client work. I'll be your Project Manger and organizer and/or help you decide on what Open Source to work on. My intentions are to teach processes while we all learn to be better programmers. Being able to release features quickly is a skill that needs constant exercise, and it's a lot of fun.

More details to come!


PS Here are the links I recommended looking into.

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