July 1, 2014

A Bit About What We Do

I got into a conversation with someone about their development team. They specifically are hiring a 50/50 mix of senior and junior developers, to help with cost. I think it's a great idea but for our industry as a whole. It could allow us to restore a bit of the diversity we've been lacking while still getting very smart people.

We're a mix of junior and senior developers but we're solving a slightly different problem. While we're also a dev team for hire, our real passion is teaching. I have been consulting for a few years, helping early stage startups go from one to many developers and helping develop their workflows and tooling. It was a lot of fun but you can only accomplish so much on your own.

So Wizard Development was born. Now we're a small team of developers who are available by the week or month for projects. The real value however seems to be in organizing the project so you're able to see results faster (working with us or not) and have a more predictable development cycle. We do this through improving processes and tooling, and working with your existing team on your current features. You can think of us as a force multiplier of sorts.

Education is where it's at. I'm really happy to see more companies giving serious thought to how we work with people entering our field. It allows us to have more diverse teams which allows for stronger teams, and an overall healthier industry.

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