October 14, 2003

Draft from the past: Lock Down

This is the 4th and last time I sit down to write this. I've had 3 other drafts get erased with only the following surviving. I guess this post wasn't meant to be. It was about how I got locked in for the weekend at Middle School 51 while I was working there during the summer. The fire department got me out and the police questioned me a little but let me go. It prevented me from going to go see some sort of comedy club in the city but it had its own comedic value.

Enjoy my permanent draft.

At my work we secure the computers with big steel enclosures that lock down to the tables. On Friday I got locked inside the school. The fire department, a lot of phone calls, the police, and a Janitor named Salem were all involved in getting me out.

I was working late (that will teach me) and Cassie already went home (Places to go people to see.) and I was ghosting (In the take the hard drive out and stick it in my firewire enclosure and hook it up to my laptop and spend half an hour copying files sense.) laptops. These things can really piss me off. On top of that I had a machine that would crash on simple things even after being reinstalled. I finally got fed up with things and started packing to leave. I got all the laptops back in their lockdown cabinet put all my stuff away, closed all the windows, locked all the doors. and stepped out into a darken hallway. What happened to the lights?

I walked down the darkened stairs to the front door. The darkened front door. I gave it a hearty push (they stick in the summer) and it swung open... about an inch. A chain rattled on the other side. Alright the front door is locked - chained shut, all the lights are off, and nobody is here. I was still calm.

I walked around the first floor to the side exit. All the doors were padlocked. I heard a noise.

In the early 90's all New York Public Schools were fitted with motion detectors which were linked to an alarm system that notifies the police in case of break ins. Apparently walking to the side door set it off.

I heard a noise. I ran up to the front entrance and quickly realized that I had set off some sort of alarm. It was loud. I pushed the front door open a crack and peered at the people walking by. *BRING BRING BRING BRING* rang in my left ear and "Around the world, Around the world, Around the world." played in my right. The loud alarm blared for about five minutes followed by a really annoying siren for another five. That kinda sucked.

I had called the librarian I work for and she was calling around trying to find out how to get me out.

I sat at the security desk and waited for someone. If the librarian had gotten word to a custodian, if the cops were going to come because of the alarm, a burglar trying to break in, anyone. I finaly decided to go try all the other exits. Each and every door was padlocked and every key I had didn't work. I was officially stuck. (Just to note I was told that these doors were all locked which was why I didn't start by tested every door.) I set off the alarm again while I walked back to the front door.

Carmine just yelled at me. Bastard. I'm going to need his cooperation later too.

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