October 27, 2003

Sarah's photos from our PA NYC trip.

So I haven't been carrying around my camera much. So sue me. Actually I kind of kick my self for it sometimes because I happen to like taking pictures. But thatís life and I'll live. Fortunately for me Sarah always carries her camera and since she came with me on our trip visiting Bill and to NYC to pick up my brother I have photos to show you from it.

Now Bill lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania up in the mountains. The whole drive up is really beautiful. Itís just mountains, trees, valleys and rivers. I have to say it quite reminds me of upstate New York and is a welcome change form the flat New Jersey. Ohh and donít forget Philadelphia.

So we drove the hour and an half to Bill's house. Bill was happy to see us. We played games and hung out. I eventually went to sleep leaving Bill and Sarah to play with Bill's scanner. He woke us up in the morning so we could go pick up My brother Nick in New York.

We made a quick pit stop on the way.
Sarah's house is at the end of this road. We took a showers (Bill hadn't cleaned his bathroom in a long while.) and saw her two dogs, Kiki
and Izzy. (Just a note Izzy had his 14th birthday last week. He's older then my brother.)

It was another hours drive to the city. We passed a car that might be from Mexico. As usual the Lincoln Tunnel was backed up but at least the view from the approach ramp is nice. Which is odd because the tunnel itself is scary. I think itís where they filmed Daylight.

I have to admit I miss the skyline of New York. Living in Brooklyn I would see it every day. But I must say that driving in Manhattan (while a pain in the ass) is even better. You pass buildings with cool storefronts and pass under pedestrian bridges and see all sorts of neat people doing lots of neat things. I want to single this photo out because it's my favorite from the trip. I started to get hungry as we approached Brooklyn.

I like Brooklyn. I like it a lot. Before I was born, who ever decides where you get born to probably got a lot of bribes from me to the point where he stuck in Manhattan (my birth place) just to spite me. Its ok I got to Brooklyn as soon as my mother could carry me. Anyway Sarah took some good photos on our way to Park Slope (my old neighborhood).

Right Near the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

Union Street

Old Gate House

Third Street and Fifth Ave.

Third between 5th and 6th

Beth Elohim School

My Dog

My cat

A gargoyle

My brother Nick

Dave and Jenny

The best restaurant in the world I assure you that the drink my brother isn't liking in the photo came from somewhere else.

The next photo is the only photo here that wasn't taking by Sarah with the exception of the photo of me being waken up which was taken by Bill.
Smashed Monitor

cop cars

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We eventually did get back Glassboro and dropped Sarah off in her room where Michelle was sitting around (her room too). Then we took off towards Philadelphia and made it to our concert on time. But thatís another story.


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