November 16, 2003

Taos New Mexico

I uploaded my pictures from my trip to Taos, New Mexico.

You can view them here.

I visited New Mexico the summer of 2001 for a month. I lived out of hotels, people's houses and a travel trailer. Worked building houses out of adobe, or in the main office on the computers. (The way they figured it, they had plenty of volunteers that could work on the buildings and only Me who could do what I could do at the office.)

But it wasn't all work. I went to a festival (For what I don't remember.), participated in a parade, and met lots of people. Most notable were the group of juvenile delinquents that were doing community service across the country, a girl named Jackie from Minnesota, and of course the staff of HFH Taos.

It was good. I'm going to go. Enjoy the photos.

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