December 3, 2003

Gallery Updated

I updated the gallery today. I was going to write an update to the blog but that would require thinking about my day and recent events. I will add a few things.

Movies I've recently seen.
Ginger Snaps
Being John Malkovich

I'll talk about them (and laugh about them, and warn you about them) all later.

I also gave blood today. My first time. My friend Matt has given over a gallon total. Considering a human adult has around 8 pints of blood he has given over a full human of blood. Scary. Sitting in the chairs waiting to be harvested I couldn't stop thinking of the matrix and how the machines harvested humans. It wasn't that bad giving blood though.

And right of course the gallery.

My favorite new feature other then the ugly theme I currently have is the random slide show. It shows you 25 pictures at random from the entire gallery. Its a nice peek at what I have to show.

Also ignore the voting. I might keep voting in the sense where you can give each picture a rank, but right now its a mix between that and voting in the sense where you have two choose 5 pictures in the order you like them. Its also a clutter and my gallery isn't called amIhotORnot. So don't pay it much mind.


I just reset the galleries (restored from backup) and turned off voting. I can turn it on for specific albums.

On a more personal note I also just found my red shirt. I had lost it a week ago and it somehow mixed it self back in with my laundry and I just found it in the dryer. I am very pleased. © 2022.
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