December 16, 2003

New Photos

I have lots of new photos from this weekend. From my Grandparents visit to my night wandering the city. I also have pictures from my trip to the Cherry Hill Volvo Service Station and just hanging around campus.

My favorite series I call Snow Brooklyn that I took right after it snowed on sunday.

I want to show everybody my night hangout Liberty Diner its a heck of a place - I love it.

I also created a new fake webcam that you can see on the right there. (Quite Noticeable)

Lastly the biggest shoot of the weekend was hanging out with my friends in manhattan where we saw Big Fish the movie it was quite good. But I hear it was a pretty good book too.

It was a good weekend. Enjoy the photos and feel free to leave comments on them (you can you know). Ohh and just because people don't always realize if the photo has a frame around it (like a Polaroid sorta) its an album and you can click on it to see the photos its contains.

Ohh and a few of those photos were taken by other people they'll get credit soon enough. (The "owner" of each photo.) They just need to get around to it. © 2022.
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