December 24, 2003

Moby Swirly Blues

I just found a copy of the playlist I used to create my Moby Swirly Blues mix. Its 19 Moby songs in a quite soothing order. I made it to use to goto sleep but people (like my Dad of all people) started to like it so I burned a few copies to keep around the house. (All fair use of my music that I legally own - I assure you.) Anyway I had since lost the cds and the playlist and now they are found.

The name comes from a friend of mine and of course Moby.

Read on for track names and albums they are from.

In This World 18 Moby
In My Heart 18 Moby
The Great Escape 18 Moby
Signs Of Love 18 Moby
One Of These Mornings 18 Moby
Fireworks 18 Moby
Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) 18 Moby
18 18 Moby
Sleep Alone 18 Moby
Harbour 18 Moby
Look Back In 18 Moby
Porcelain Play Moby
Natural Blues Play Moby
7 Play Moby
Down Slow Play Moby
Everloving Play Moby
Inside Play Moby
Guitar Flute and String Play Moby
My Weakness Play Moby © 2024
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