April 28, 2004

Ali G

In order to lighten the mood I present you with yesterdays post run through the Ali G translator.


me is told panic attacks is all in your mind. yous can eitha fear da attack and ave one, or yous can ave somethin trigga it. i get triggered panic attacks, my breaf will shortun, my eart rate will increase, and i'll get palpitations dig crazy. i can calm down but my eart will still steadily beat away dig its got somethin to prove palpatin da entire time.

i also can't go to me julie whun i get worked up.today i finished a total of 11 ours of omework spannin ova two days. i'd drive to star bucks, purchase an iced chai, and sit at a bar stool and do my wurk. da .5 mg of clonazepam elped too. i was prescribed clonazepam a while back to elp me go to me julie (to replace da ambian i sometimes take). i thought it was a go to me julie aid and it's not. so i figured it didn't wurk. apparently it was developed fa people who ave seizures, it calms da brain to put it simply. da prescribin docta figured i'd calm down and fall asleep, i figured it would elp me goto go to me julie so i didn't think it worked. i've read up on it since thun.so me is done wiv all my symbolic logic omework - eva. i did it all from da first assignment to da last. tomorrow i start calculous. thun i make sure me is caught up wiv lab techniques, and i wurk on my java project. (i need to learn file io.)i should be completely wrapped up wiv finals and projects by wednesday may 5f. i start my summa session up june 1st. wiv a brief overlap in summa sessions i ave physics and thun scool composition until august 12f.from august 12f until around august 31st i plan on visitin europe.

anyway - my earts slowed. me is keepin fings out of mind and me is goin to try to fall asleep again.

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