May 3, 2004


I was talking with some of my friends the other day. One of them is about to venture into college and is thinking about becoming a teacher, another who has already ventured is thinking about it too. This is at Brooklyn College, which is cheep, close to Park Slope, and is dam good at education education.

Here at rowan My roommate melissa is graduating. She's been a senior for a little while and was finishing up some minors when she decided that she didn't want to do it anymore. She dropped some classes and is going to graduate in a week or two. She got her cap and gown the other day. She's still not sure what she's going to do after graduation.

Sarah and Josh are far along in their education, sarah still has 2 more years but she's acquired a nice amount of credits and is looking forward to graduate school. (hehe - Dr. Sarah) Josh has around 3 semesters left, he just needs to finish off his requirements and then he's off to Japan to teach english. That's not a career goal but he'll figure out something, he always does.

Matthew is going to be attending Rowan full time again, while living on campus. He's hated being a commuter so much he's dubbed his commuter parking tag his "Shame tag". I'm sure his family will still call him home to help with things but there's nothing wrong with that.

Nothing makes me happier then seeing my friends succeed and do themselves right. I'm proud of them.

I'm off to go work on that for myself (studding hard at Starbucks). Wish me luck.

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