June 2, 2004

Jason's work is almost done

I've just got to start with the content. Funny I had wanted to do the content first. Well I should be able to get at least the index, the service (without products) and Support (without forums) pages to my liking. I'm still waiting to hear from Amazon on the product pages, and the ebay seller for Jason's power supply. His wen't poof the other day while he was in the middle of some development. So he needs a new one and I'm handling it. I'd like to get his computer back up and running asap, not that I don't mind him using my computers when ever he needs to he just needs his computer to call his own. (Think of it like staying in someone else's room, they're more then glad to put you up, but you can't go and make it yours because its not.)

Its funny how computers can have personal space.

He's got user accounts on most of the computers here at the "Farm" (My Apartment, its not quite a server farm but its the closet I've got.) but as I said he's got to have his own.

This is a double post, both on Roborooter.com and Wizardcomputing.com Since Wizardcomputing is my Business website I'm going to keep its posts limited to interesting things about the business, site updates, etc. I'll keep my personal life off of it and on my own blog.

Just to note You won't be able to find this on Wizardcomputing until I finish adding that content I mentioned, so check back soon.

Wish me luck.


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