June 21, 2004

Broken things and working things.

Roborooter.com is BACK! Took long enough, sorry about that people. I hear all my things are broken, so I checked into it and apparently they're breaking everything on elvis. From when I fix it forward nothing will be on elvis. Anyone who goes there (you know what I'm talking about http://elvis.rowan.edu/~gulotta) will be cut. And I'll be sure you get an error page telling you that.

I've got some other sites that I'll be fixing and I'll keep you all updated as I fix each one. Here's the broken list (its everything but roborooter.com) in priority order.


I don't know if the apartment is broken though... you still can see it at elvis, you may even be able to log in and post stuff, I dunno... Ok I checked it was broken and I fixed it. I know the elvis gallery is broken beyond repair (I still have all my photos - sarah's too.)

Ok good night all. I have little children to help people teach in the morning.


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