October 18, 2004


A long long time ago there was this boy named Francis who purchased an ATI Radeon 9600 with 128MB of ram. Francis was happy. One day after beating "Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne" (which ran wonderfully on his new card) he went trifling through the box his card came in. He found a card, one claiming to provide a free copy of "Half Life 2".

"What's Half Life?" Francis asked. He recalled his friend Andrew speaking of it years ago, he said good thing. So Francis tried out this Steam thing and downloaded "Half Life". And it was good.

But "Half Life 2" wasn't released, it was far from it, 8 months from it, although he didn't know that, nobody knew that. As far as he knew it was years off.

As time went on Francis forgot all about the offer, he was content with Half Life and its expansions, it was a lot of fun, a good story (told from multiple viewpoints) and quite satisfying.

So today it was announced that "Half Life 2" has gone gold and will ship November 16th. Francis decided that it was a good time to purchase this game, as with Steam he could play it after it's released, instantly. So he goes to buy it and reads the words "You already own this package." His draw dropped.

That ATI Half Life coupon was worth $50 dollars or a single copy of "Half Life 2".

Got it? November 16th is Francis's day off, his phones will be disconnected and he will be busy.

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