November 12, 2004


With the slip of my finger I destroyed my gallery. And due to some freak backup problem (Test your backups!) which I have yet to solve, I don't have all the photos backed up.

Fortunately (and this is going to sound bad) none of mine were lost. Why is that fortunate? (my friends who lost photos are really wondering I'm sure) I'm pretty sure everyone (except me) has their own copies of their photos.

At the moment I'm in the process of fixing the gallery, I was able to save a few albums that didn't quite get backed up. I'm pretty sure all the photos are there but they'll have to be renamed and retitled and everything. You have no idea how sorry I am.


I've been putting off figuring out my incremental backup solution. It would allow me to go back to any time (like every day this week, every month, and once a month forever) and get my backups from any date.

Bah - one stupid slip of the finger.

-Francis © 2023
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