December 4, 2004

Claus Fest IV

I had the pleasure to attend the fourth Claus Fest last night. Oh boy I had fun.

I missed Chevelle and Papa Roach, franzferdiand was good but challenged peoples masculinity and got booed, Jimmy Eat World surprisingly rocked the stage, I saw them 2 years ago and they really sucked, Korn kicked everybody's asses and did a sweet cover of "The Wall" - they were also a good excuse to shove people around, jump up and down, and make a dash for the stage, and then it ended with Velvet Revolver who really didn't fit with the crowd at all. They also sucked. I had left after Korn and went back in to try to crowd surf during Velvet Revolver but the crowd... they weren't inspired enough.


A mash pit is the only place where it's socially acceptable to violently shove, hit (still pisses people off), and throw the people around you. I can't say I dove right in the middle and got my ass kicked, but I get shoved in a bunch and I did my fare share of shoving. It was fun.

I should say more. But... go to your own concert.

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