February 3, 2005

Pack your bags (we're going on a guilt trip)

So this guy creates a hack that dumps the firmware on the new ipod's through it's little pizzo speaker. (The one that makes the chirps and beeps, not the head phones) He wrote a computer program to listen and turn it back into binary. He didn't know enough to get the firewire/usb port to work, but this served his purpose.

So some guy responds with, "Could you please stop being silly and instead try and do something worth while. We're still looking for a cancer cure, aids cure and countless other things we need today."

And then for the entire reason I'm making this post, some guy responded and took the words right out of my mouth.

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Oh and I promised I'd do one of these didn't I. Westminster and Trafalgar Square Make sure to page all the way to the end, otherwise you'll miss Big Ben and such.

And I feel I should post a link to the london tube map.
London Tube Map.
Maybe I'll mark one up and have links to my photos or something. © 2023.
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