February 8, 2005

Bulletproof Cupid

(Bulletproof Cupid by Placebo is quite a nice instrumental song. Makes a nice opening track to their album Sleeping With Ghosts. Which has a really. striking album cover.)

Bulletproof Networks.
I've been reading up on vpns. Secure networks over insecure networks. Instead of paying lots of money for a secure line to your office you can use a cheep internet connection that is hardly secure. But over this insecure connection you can start another connection that is secure. That's what VPN's are all about anyway.

I've got a decent understanding of the concepts but I found a simple power point presentation that does a good job of describing them. A better job then I've done anyway. It concentrates on OpenVpn but it touches IPSEC and others.

In other news.
I speed up the gallery a little. The main page anyway, it was taking far too long to load. On the down side you won't see how many comments each gallery has listed on the main page. You can live with that.

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