March 27, 2005

I've got a drafted post I didn't like how I started

I've got a post I wrote half of that I'll probably rewrite before I finally post it that comes right before this one. (Well, it will probably end up after this one, but eh)

Anyway, instead of enlighting you to my wonderful adverntures fighting credit card fraud, or buying a van load of lumber, or driving down to Glassboro to have dinner at a diner, or all the other things (including making diner for me and my friends). I'm just going to do a link dump.

I've got a lot to say, which is why I don't talk. ;-)

Seriously though, updates are a long time coming, they're hitting critical mass.

But if you need a fix, give me a call. I've gotten quite chatty lately. I spent as many hours doing things today as I did talking to different people. And when it got late and I was tired I had other poeple talking to me. So much talk, so much getting said, a lot of good arguments and discussions too.

Heck I couldn't even get into the shower or eat dinner with out something or someone else grabbing my attention first.

It was worth the fun.

(So much for this just being a link bomb.)
Ecrans Transparents I like these the best 115 29 32 31

Molecular Expressions Somewhere, and I can't find it now, but they have photos of animals (and many other things) that chip designers have drawn inside microchips. Some of them are no larger then the tip of a pin (to use a cliche). It's neat if you can find the photos - if you do post them in the comment or something.

Kid's learn more without computers. Which may be true at present, but potential lies with the computers. It's been noted that the bussnies world took almost 20 years before the use of computers showed an increase in productivity.

io: the improbable orchestra I don't know much about it, but I love little projects like this. If you click about you'll find thier mission statement so to speak. Honestly it's pretty cool.

I've got a stockpile of random links, I'll go through the rest later. I'm tired now.

Good night folks.

Oh and I have more of these! Buckingham Palace Which is none too impressive, fortionatly the surrounding area is much better, the better photos are near the back, and no more captions. At least not here and now. © 2022.
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