April 11, 2005

From A perfect circle to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

From A perfect circle to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Lots of links to lots of music videos and lots of popups.

Get them while they're hot.

Warning Link has lots of popups. Only Internet explorer seems to get them though. Firefox and Safari don't seem to have any problems. Toni called me up earlier telling me a story about how a lot of prono popups popped up when a professor walked in because she had clicked on the link.

Because of that I decided to deactivate the link above and copy the link's contents into the extended part of this post. So read more if you want the list ad free =)

Update: It seems I have found the maximum post size. I'm going the whole nine yards this time and reworking the html I stole off the site. It's filled with Div's I don't use and comments that we don't need.

Update: I've never seen SubEthaEdit choke so much, I guess it doesn't handel 200k lines very well. (The whole thing was one line) Either way it's all parsed and pretty and still to large for one post. So I'm uploading it instead.

Lots of music videos

I even took out the ones that didn't work.

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