May 22, 2005

It's going to take over the world.

A long long time ago in a house about 2 blocks away My friend Chris and I were playing a fun little game called Starship Titanic. It boasted wonderful features such as the ability to verbally abuse the robots running around the doomed spaceship by typing to them.

(You could look in the game files and find the word list of words that the robots really didn't want to hear.)

It was really simple, it didn't even catch permutations of words. But it was the first game to have the characters respond to you "in context" and it had wonderful "wav" sound. It was basically a puzzle game.

There was a computer terminal in the game where you had to ask it questions to get some door open in a library. It also could play 20 questions.

We both had the game, my friend Chris found it first.

"I found something, in the library, the computer terminal. It learns!"


"This game it learns, it's going to take over the world."

Yea well technology has come a long way. So has that burger king King, I don't know what's up with him. © 2024
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