June 15, 2005

Homebrew strikes back.

I almost forgot The Gorillaz have a new album too.

I saw this cooling system on slashdot. Someone else commented that it was almost like a swamp cooler or almost like .. something else I forget =)

Because people like this idea the site's been hit pretty hard. Coral Cache is a project that uses distributed servers to serve a copy of web-pages while keeping them up to date and current. They describe it better. It's an NYU project.

Here's the Coral Link to the "Home-brew air conditioner"

I had the idea.. rather I took the ideas and combined them, that if you made it close looped, took the run off and put it underground where it would be cooler (apparently 4-6 feet down it's usually a pretty constant temperature) and then pumped it back up to run through the fan again you'd have a nice eco-friendly air cooler.

I need to build my freaking work bench, I've got stuff I want to do.

I have a quote from this in my aim profile.
How to Make a Million Dollars by Marshall Brain
He's a college professor that gave a talk, they said it could be on anything so he figured kids might like this topic, after all he was qualified.

HOW-TO: Add an auxilary jack to your car
I like this idea, I keep talking about adding an ipod dock in mine.

A light based directional high speed wireless link for about $30 bucks US. It's complicated, if I ever loose my job I might make one of these.

Catch you later gator.


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