SubEthaEdit is a really nifty text editor with sytax highlighting. What does that mean?

//header smarty
//end header smarty
$smarty->assign('mainwelcome', 'Please choose a component to use.');
$smarty->assign('maincomponents', array(
        array('url' => 'dataimport/', 'title' => 'Data Import', 'desc'=>'This is where you manage importing datafiles.'),
        array('url' => 'export/', 'title' => 'Export', 'desc'=>'Here you can export data in predefined formats.'),
        array('url' => 'datavalidation/', 'title' => 'Data Validate', 'desc'=>'Here you can validate data.'),

(That's some simple php code I use in a project.)

Each element of the sytax is highlighted and it really assists in editing. But syntax highlighting is nothing new. SubEthaEdit brings in network sharing of a document and other nifty things you can read about everything on your own.

I bring this all up because I added the extension tpl to the smarty-html mode. You can download it here. I did it because I was sick of all my .tpl files not automaticly highlighting. (.tpl is smarty's default file extension for template files.) And I put it here to show off SubEthaEdit and it's html export and because at least one person I know will find it useful.

I learned of one extra feature from SubEthaEdit today called block editing. There's a movie showing it off and may I say, god dammed that's really cool.