January 4, 2006

Bandwidth Ho!

So I've got more bandwidth.

I get a lot of hits to roborooter.com, a lot of lot. And it's not because I'm so interesting, (I'm not) it's because some car website for the month of december, google says (yea, you might have noticed the google analytics java script) I had 5,315 visits from them, which is a lot more then the 1,141 of you that put in the roborooter.com address directly. That's an average (after you count people who found me from a search engine) of 241.13 unique visitors a day. ;-)

So what do 5 thousand people a month want to see?

Some Car Commercial

Btw, MyCarSucks.com, you're visitors can now hotlink, I've got more bandwidth. Before they'd get the post that the movie came from and could watch it from there.

BTW, there are some other video's people might want to see here.

Man, so many hits a day, even if that was off by like.. 200 I'd still be impressed. Go stumbleupon something more interesting. ;-)


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