March 25, 2006

Gallery Update

Yet another gallery update with a new logo!
Gallery Logo
Ghettofabulous I know, font support in my install of Gimp is lacking. I was just sick of the faceless gallery logo.

This time I bring you ratings! Not that I can give you a list of top rated photos yet (I should make myself a bunch of top 10 pages - Top 10 views, top 10 rated), but you can rate photos, and I think I can sort albums by rating. (Sarah's internet findings album may be a good candidate for this. Here's the link, and it's most definitely nsfw, so kiddies stay away.) By default every album has ratings enabled, but you can edit the album (under the "album" tab near the bottom) you can turn off this cool new feature if you don't want it in your album.

Another cool feature you'll never even see is caching support! This means pages will load faster overall, and especially if more then one person is looking at the same thing. Things like view counts won't change as fast for guest visitors but with a 90% decrease in processor load, I don't care.

You might notice RSS feeds for albums too... play with them if you like but I haven't done anything cool with them yet, I haven't played with them.

Oh and we have a new album too! My girlfriend Jen now has her own Roborooter Gallery Album, Pie's stuff :-). And I probably never announced a while back when Caroline started her own album too.

That's all for now folks!

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