March 26, 2006

Alex's Mail

I don't know when it started, probably a few months ago, but Alex, Alex My Cat, has started reciving things in the mail. I probably should have started writing these down but I'll add more as I think of them, and as they come in the mail.

Air-force Recruitment Pamphlet
National Guard Recruitment Pamphlet
Personal letter from local National Guard person about recruitment. (He even said he'd meet and talk.)
Counter top samples (they sent tiles not countertops, alex kicks these around sometimes)
A piece of foam from one of those bed companies, it's space age technology I'm told.
Hot Sauce sample coupons (I threw them away, but I should have used them.)
A demo CD from NATO that has match flag to nato countries games.
Serenity Bladder Protection pads and coupons (which would have helped for when he was peeing all over everything.)

And most recently he got a pamphlet from Fatale Media which sells Authentic amateur blah blah blah lesbian porn. Which is bragable.

He's gotten other things, I'll write about them in this category later.

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