June 5, 2007

Louis XIV

This is my weekly top artists at Last.fm. Not at the time of this writing, but as of right now.


Last.fm is a music tracking service that lets you see what you've listened to and recommended what's good. Part of their terms of service is that all your data is yours, free to delete and copy and access at all times. (Google has a similar outlook but I still haven't seen ways of getting all your data out..) Now because that ticker is bound to change (and it will, the next time I listen to music) I'll take a screen shot or what it says right now.

81 plays for Louis XIV! This doesn't include 95 from my ipod

That's 81 plays in the past week not counting my ipod. I'm in love with Louis XIV and their sexy lyrics and their rocking beats. I was seduced by Paper Doll and it's flaunting of sex and grittiness of it's lyrics and singing. (The fact it was the music for Suicide Girls video I found a couple years ago didn't hurt.) So I went and got the entire "The Best Little Secrets Are Kept" album and was blown away.


Now singing about sex and drugs and free love and the girl who (possibly) faked her death down the street is nothing new. (I still don't understand "A Letter To Dominique) If that was the draw then I probably would have played out the tracks by now. It's the course vocals (which I love because it doesn't require me to sing well) and the amazing guitar work that has kept it fresh. My buddy (and music aficionado) Brian remarked he heard a lot of influences from Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz. Which isn't light praise. (In a particular song which was probably my most listened to one Illegal Tender) They are some riffs that make me want to go learn how to play guitar.

Now I know I do this. I'll find some new music and play it to death. I ruined some fatboy slim for Andrew a while back, which he responded with trying to ruin placebo for me (he failed it, even though his according to last.fm 1,634 plays completely dwarfs my 342). And maybe 81 plays of any band in just over a week is overkill (well.. don't forget my ipod.. which has 95 plays! For a grand total of 176 plays!) but I'm in love with it and I'll take too much of a good thing. =)

I recommend;
Finding Out True Love Is Blind
Paper Doll
Illegal Tender
Pledge of Allegiance
Hey Teacher

And in a class of it's own (the last two songs are nice and slow)
Ball of Twine (which you should hear more then you should read)


I looked into your eyes
And pushed your buttons and levers
You said you'd see until we agree and kindly said whatever
And you like my **loving **better
Cause' you said so in a letter, that said return to sender
My *illegally ***illegal **tender

It takes a lover, it takes a lover
It takes a lover that will love *me *like no other
It takes a lover, it takes a lover
It takes a lover that knows I love **her **like no other
(Louis XIV:Illegal Tender)

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