October 29, 2008


I shut down my Moblog today. It turned up from some of the google searches I was doing with my various usernames over the years. Moblog is a place where you can send photos and it makes a little blog out of them. Not too much different from flickr or some of the other places on the net. When I joined up they didn't even have a US presence it was .co.uk or something.

Their main goal was to target the camera phone market and since I had just gotten a camera phone I was all over it. Something to do with the combination of slow internet and a crappy camera brings out my creative side.

I just spend the last half hour copying my posts into Roborooter.com. I gave them the correct dates and gave them all the moblog tag. The only thing I didn't copy were the comments, it was a small tight nit community and I was new so people said hi. There wasn't an easy way to import that so it's lost to bits of time.

You can see them all at once by browsing the moblog tag.


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