May 4, 2021

Livestream: Gregor on Github Actions for building SerialPort

My friend with Gregor Martynus asked on twitter if anyone needed help with github actions. "There are no unworthy ideas" he said. So I raised my hand. I need help with SerialPort.

Gregor asks if anyone needs help with github actions on twitter

I've been wanting to ship all SerialPort c++ bindings inside the @serialport/bindings npm package for a long while but getting it to work across several different CIs was near impossible. With github actions I've got every machine type available and coordinating them was a breease. Well it was a breese if you have Gregor telling you how to do it. =p

I setup a test repository that we worked in but will hopefully get it into serialport for our next release.

His show notes are on github. And the video is on twitch and below from youtube.

Download the video

I'd pair with Gregor any day, this was a lot of fun. =)

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