July 7, 2021

Livestream: WebAssembly GraphQL Client

I met Connor Hicks through work. We both work on webassembly powered projects in our day job and he builds a really cool platform called Suborbital. Which you can think of as a lambda for webassembly modules. Actually I like to compare it to architect. It's a framework that tells you how to build your project, split up the code into functions (or runnables as suborbital calls them), and then tell you how to connect those functions together to build an application.

Connor saw me lamenting on online about the state of websocket powered subscriptions for lambda powered projects. There are not many solutions that aren't services for this out there and not many that are production grade. (I have thoughts here for another post.) And invited me to join him and David McKay to build a GraphQl client for Suborbital to be used by webassembly. We did it live and it was really fun!

There was so much I want to gush abou that didn't make it into the stream;

  • Javascript in WASM is now real fast
  • wizer instantiates your WebAssembly module, executes its initialization function, and then snapshots the initialized state out into a new WebAssembly module. Imagine if you could do this for any app or webpage!?

Working with Suborbital was a joy and I'd pair with Connor and David any day.


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