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Working on open source software is a hobby turned career. I love how you can modify the tools you use and contribute the changes back so everyone can make use of it. You can find most of my work on GitHub.

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2014 Year End Review

In 2014 our plan was twofold; Help small business's dreams come true and to be a model for how we'd like our industry to operate. In 9 months we came close to achiving everything we wanted to. Close enough that I don't think we were ambitious enough.


In …

All the parts

Yesterday at JSConf 2014 we had a nodebots event. (We also had noderockets, nodeboats and nodecopters.) One of my favorite bots is below.

laserbot 2


We have a lot of different parts here.

NPM Wishlist

I don't write a ton of nodejs modules. I work on a few*, and I don't even work on them as much as I like. However I do end up using a ton of them. Here are some cool things I'd like to see that would make my life easier as a node developer.

Historical Ver…

Getting Started with Electronics (hardware)

I've been asked a few times what to buy when starting with electronics, especially when it comes to micro-controllers and sensors. You're going to end up buying a ton of parts while exploring. You'll have a hard time using a lot of these components until … © 2023.
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