November 7, 2002


This week I have quite a bit of work to err... work on. My chemistry
teacher was kind enough (and from a distance of about 5 feet) to let me
take today's test on Tuesday because of my absence. She was just as
eager to keep the hell away from me as well. (Some people really don't want to
get sick) But she did go over the test with me while the class was
taking it and she gave me the homework for the chapters the test
covered. With a little elbow grease I should be able to do pretty well
on Tuesday.

I shouldn't be thinking of this now but a QoS setup is
something Petra really needs. QoS is a rule set that a computer can use
to determine what kinds of packets get priority over the other ones.
Right now I'm transferring some files from home to school and Petra's
responsiveness as I write this (I write all my updates on Petra herself
over a terminal) sucks ass. I can write almost two words before I seem
them. If I had QoS turned on I could give priority to the ACK packets
and help improve the responsiveness. Honestly I don't know if it would
help how fast the text shows but at least the website would still be
responsive. You'd be able to connect like normal but the load time would
still be just as slow.

Now that I've lost half of my audience let me
throw you a few links to hold you over until my next update.

- This
talks about the show "trading spaces" thats on lifetime or
somthing. 2 couples trade houses for 48 hours and remodel a room for
under $1000. Aparently they do horrible things to the rooms. I'm not
suprised personaly. Have you ever had a contractor remodel a room for
under 1000$?
- In
another Trading Spaces link
I found out that one renavation made a
poor woman cry. -eep!
- PPR- Hehe you thought you
excape it didn't you. =D <--evil grin
- I'm not going to vouch for any of these href=">games but
they looked like something we used to download in the labs at aschool
when we got bored. Of course the best game this guy makes isn't linked
there. Its linked here.
I haven't played yet but it made it to slashdot so its got to be at
least shiney.

As an end note it looks
like I need to update my router. Funny I had turned off the vulnerable
feature long ago.

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