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Ask vs Guess

I stumbled upon this discussion today where someone brings up the difference between people raised in an "Ask Culture" or a "Guess Culture". I like this thought it explains behavior that cause most roommate fights. I also think that regardless of if a person is an asker or a guesser, people will be in different places in their personality and will be more or less amenable to the two different forms of behavior.

It was written in response to someo…

Brooklyn Technical High School Alumni Today!

I hate the feeling of being sold.

I've been getting a lot of emails and letters in the mail from my Alumni Association asking for me to update my info. Let me correct that.

I've been getting a lot of emails and letters from a book company that my Alumni Association has sold my information to. If you're a Brooklyn Technical High School alumni you've probably been getting them too. So I called them up, give them my info they so desperately needed.

The Guy I Almost Was

I just read a short comic that caught my eye. It's a story about a guy around my age and how he manages to change his situation. Apparently it's a bit old and had dissipated for a long while. He's got a license on his site that allows me to make a backup copy. So when you click on the image below and the link is broken, you use my copy of "The Guy I Almost Was".

The Guy I Almost Was

Three Strikes and you're out (of internet)

Torrent Freak writes about a counter measure:

Yesterday we reported that a provision in the revamped French “3 strikes” bill will allow for the punishment of ISP account holders for the copyright infringing actions of others. Now a group of hackers has set out to compromise WiFi routers en masse, in order to create an environment of plausible deniability.

I very much like this idea. It goes to show they're missing the point. They can't stop peo…


I took an arm off my chair today so I could use my mouse and keep my arm at a decent level. The left one is for appearences and so I have something to lean on. For a cheap $150 staples chair (*grumble*) the arm rests not lowering enough is my only major gripe. It does pretty good.

Francis 'one' arm

Ray Anderson on the business logic of sustainability

This is a talk from "America's Greenest CEO". He's transformed his petroleum intensive carpet tile company's business practices into a sustainable business practices. That's a fancy way to say he's shifted from taking from the earth to make carpet (which eventually ends up as trash) and started paying attention to the whole cycle of his goods. So there's less waste, carbon, and materials. He tasked his company to figure out a way to use sustainab…

Is that an antenna in your pocket?

I'm cleaning up some old draft posts that I never wrote out. This one is even more relevant today then when I planned to write it.

I own a dirfwear wallet, and while it isn't perfect at blocking rfid tags at close range (3-4 inches) its a dam good walet and will stop distanc…

Slider Test and Throwie Video

Instead of writing up a nice post about the party and showing off my brothers awesome video he cut for the occasion I instead was playing with jQuery. Specificly testing outAriel Flesler's ScrollTo pluginwhich I think is pretty cool.

I present to you for your viewing pleasure,my slider test!I couldn't help but use some ofSara'sthrowie pictures.

And let me tout the video anyway.

Throwies Year Two

Two years ago I got a crazy idea. For my twenty third birthday instead of the usual drinking and debauchery we'd do something different. Most of my friends thought I was crazy and it was a stupid idea, but since I was footing the bill I was able to convince a bunch of people to give it a try. If anything, good people, good food and good music usually makes for good times. =)

It went over well. (Photo Credit Jeanette Hayes)


Now two years later I'…

The E-Persons in our lives

Occasionally people come to me and ask about websites.

"Francis, I need help on making website."
"Well.. what are you up to? "
"I have an idea of something I'd like to sell online."

Usually it's cookies, sometimes it's t-shirts, a lot of times it it's services they want to offer. Most of these people have zero programming or html experience. If I told them paypal had an api to allow your site to create invoices and process payments they wouldn'…

Travel time to major cities

GEM: The Global Environment Monitoring unit is a European commission that makes up on of six units in IES: The Institute for Environment and Sustainability. The IES is a group of scientists (about 65 according to theirabout page) that are devoted to making sure development in Europe and the world is done is such a way that it doesn't cause problems. Today I stumbled upon a project they did called, "Travel time to major cities: A global map of Ac…


I've been using this avatar for years. Since early 2001 at the very least.

Original Avatar

That's as original as I can find it, its a 64x64 px gif that best as I remember came from a PHP-Nuke forum pack. It's been my buddy icon, my profile pic, my tag. It's probably one of the oldest piece of digital information I have. I even lost it at one point and had to find old backups of to bring it back. Yesterday it was suggested to me by Andrew that inste…

1952 vs 1992

I got this in my email today. It blew me away.
Lawrence's 2nd birthday.

Compare it to me around that age.
Me around age 8

My dad looks like a cross between my brother and myself. My grandfather... well he just looks young, and quite happy. This photo and a few others came from a new cousin that found us from Kansas City Missouri. I want to publish his collection. It's not one we had ourselves. Also kudos to the kid with the Brooklyn Tech shirt, it's still the same one they use for gym… © 2024
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