March 24, 2010

Brooklyn Technical High School Alumni Today!

Brooklyn Technical High School

I hate the feeling of being sold.

I've been getting a lot of emails and letters in the mail from my Alumni Association asking for me to update my info. Let me correct that.

I've been getting a lot of emails and letters from a book company that my Alumni Association has sold my information to. If you're a Brooklyn Technical High School alumni you've probably been getting them too. So I called them up, give them my info they so desperately needed.

They said I'd probably be surprised to know how many other Alumni might be in the area of Brooklyn that I live in. I told them, "No I wont, everyone is on facebook." Going downhill from there, I was hard sold on the $100 book (two easy payments..) and then the $80 softcover book , and then the $40 CD-ROM.

I can't honestly figure out why they're selling a CD-ROM.

I guess I can, most of their customers are going to be older alumni. (Like my dad, who didn't buy the book either. Hi dad!) I can actually think of a few good reasons to own the book, like getting in touch with older alumni mostly. But I can't justify spending that much for a list of names with pictures and stories.

I figure if they're going to use my info for their business I'll use my info for my business.

My education at Brooklyn Tech gave me an extra edge when I entered college and the workforce. I have applied the lessons I learned there, in both classes and  clubs, to my work and my life. Notably, founding taught me what it takes to lead a team of people, and the CCNA classes taught me how to take care of complex networking issues with ease, allowing me to concentrate on higher level problems when I started Wizard Computing, LLC, my computer consultancy.

Seeing the directions the people I met in school, and continue to meet though, are going makes me proud to be an alum. © 2024
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