December 16, 2008


I've been using this avatar for years. Since early 2001 at the very least.

Original Avatar

That's as original as I can find it, its a 64x64 px gif that best as I remember came from a PHP-Nuke forum pack. It's been my buddy icon, my profile pic, my tag. It's probably one of the oldest piece of digital information I have. I even lost it at one point and had to find old backups of to bring it back. Yesterday it was suggested to me by Andrew that instead of just blowing it up I should try to spruce it up a bit. I had tried to "smooth" it out by editing it by hand once. I got about halfway and gave up, it wasn't worth it. This time I enlisted the help of Vector Magic which was a school project turned commercial venture. They've got a wonderful system (best I've ever used.. only I've ever used ;-)) to work out how to take that blocky pixel art above and turn it into this.

wizard 2010

Which I happen to like quite a lot. Hopefully it will hold me for another 5-10 years. =)

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