January 25, 2009

Throwies Year Two

Two years ago I got a crazy idea. For my twenty third birthday instead of the usual drinking and debauchery we'd do something different. Most of my friends thought I was crazy and it was a stupid idea, but since I was footing the bill I was able to convince a bunch of people to give it a try. If anything, good people, good food and good music usually makes for good times. =)

It went over well. (Photo Credit Jeanette Hayes)


Now two years later I'm faced with my approaching 25th birthday. This year I'd like to do "throwies year two". My only problem is that this year I don't have the funds to buy throwies for everybody again. So after talking it over with my friends and going over what it takes to get the parts for hundreds of throwies, I've decided to put throwies up for sale at cost. I'm still looking at suppliers but it seems that I should be able to get you about 25 throwies for $20. I'll know exactly how many after I see how many people get involved (you save in bulk of course).


My party this year will be on Friday the 20th and will have a $20 dollar cover which will include around 25 throwies. I'll order some pizza and soda. We'll meet at my place at 6:30pm to eat and build the throwies and then around 8pm leave for the east village tagging the city as go. Later in the night we will be stopping at a to be determined location to warm up and get something tasty. If you were there last time you might find this familiar.


So either pay me in person (please let me know if there's a problem before the party!) or just use the paypal form below.

Packs of throwies
~13 Throwies (econ pack - you'll want more!) $10.00 (~13 Throwies (econ pack - you'll want more!))

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