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Money Transferring

I was expressing frustration with moving money around the other day and was asked to share what I knew. This is an incomplete list of ways to move money, and their consequences. Moving money (and in turn getting paid or paying others) is one of the most i…

American Express and Security

This originally started as an email to some coworkers, but I think people here might find it more interesting.

If you have an amex online account they limit your password to 8 characters and you can only use numbers and letters. That’s not very secure (I …

Ray Anderson on the business logic of sustainability

This is a talk from "America's Greenest CEO". He's transformed his petroleum intensive carpet tile company's business practices into a sustainable business practices. That's a fancy way to say he's shifted from taking from the earth to make carpet (which …

100Mbit Internet

This post contains a little bit of bragging. My internet setup at work is pretty simple, we have two T1 lines (not counting our voip trunk or our DID lines but that's sort of telephone) going into two different Cisco PIX firewalls and behind those an old …

DNS Changes

I've changed dsn servers today for roborooter and few other domains, let me know if you had a domain and it stopped working. Or if you can't send me email, jabber requests or anything like that.


PS For the record DNS Made Easy is a good service I… © 2023.
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