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How to Stop Using Passwords

I've been softly recommending people start using 1Password for the past 5-10 years. I'm no longer going to be soft about it, you have to stop using passwords, they are horrible. 1Password is a password manager. The idea behind password managers is you hav…

Build Jeeps Not Ferraris

This video dates back to around 2010 from an unknown source but remains my favorite. I give a version of this talk at every company I join. It's nothing new, but if you haven't heard it you need to hear it.

Mean time to recovery is better than mean time b…

A Product Team Righting Themselves

My Product Manager Skylar asked me today to recap how our product team righted themselves after a year of hardship and they’ve been so good for so long I had forgotten where we came from. It feels really good when things jive.

It was a few things we put i…

How To Stay Technical While In Management

I wrote this for a 5 minute lightening talk at a local tech leadership meetup.

I code. At my previous jobs I coded 30-50% of my time. I would take non mission critical (usually pluming or maintenance) tasks and features. These days I have too many direct …

The Serial Mouse Project

I spent a few weeks making an old Serial Mouse work. I've been tweeting a log of what I've done so far and I already wrote a piece on the serial mouse protocols.

You can use an old microsoft mouse by running npx serial-mouse-parser and find the source on …

Why are you hosting your own Redis?

Someone asked me on a mailing list if I worry about reaching my team's limit in our ability to manage Redis. I wrote a bit about why I think our architecture helps mitigate that risk. I'm not sure I really expressed that I think flexibility through simpli…

Windows update fails

I had a problem this week. I actually had the same problem lots of times. It was fustrating as hell.

I had quite a few Windows XP instalations to do, with new employees soon to arrive at work, new laptops arriving with Vista, and some old desktops that ne… © 2023.
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